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Wicked Publicity Shoot in Sydney

"I think Elphaba’s strength is the most amazing part because I think a lot of the time if you are being judged and criticised you can go into yourself a little bit, but she doesn’t and that’s inspiring and I think that’s what people really love about her — she’s really ballsy.” (x)

Make sure you get your copy of the Daily Telegraph tomorrow for a backstage look into Wicked with Jemma and Lucy (x)


"It’s looking at things another way…"

late post of As long as you’re mine

“Jemma Rix’s extraordinary talent, along with the combination of her experience as Elphaba and Leguillou’s new direction, created several moments for me last night in which, even on my fourteenth viewing, I saw and heard and understood lines of dialogue and aspects of motivation for the first time. Rix is able to make even the very well known “Defying Gravity” sound fresh and original. Her massive voice soars not only on this expected highpoint at the close of act one, but also as she belts out the final phrases of act two’s “No Good Deed.” With an intense beauty that shines right through the green make up, Rix commands the stage with magnetism to spare.” — Simon Parris: Man in Chair  (via vinkunwildflowerqueen)

Wicked Warm up Lip-Dub #4 for Do it in a Dress (Donate Here!)

Plot Twist: {x}

: Bit of green fun this morning!

So as we were heading in to do a double show day of Wicked the musical in Melbourne, we decided to change up our warm up…