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I think the reason why I love Jemma and Suzie’s friendship as much as their portrayal of Elphaba and Glinda’s tandem is because their chemistry is so genuine and natural. They don’t force it to happen; it just does.

jemma rix and lucy durack perform at the official launch of wicked australia (x)

@aussietheatre: Jemma Rix SLAYING Defying Gravity at the Wicked Sydney launch.

radhiance said: do you have any links of clear Wicked videos of the australian cast (jemma rix & suzie mathers)?

Hi there!

You can find a few videos on youtube where Jemma and/or Suzie have performed for the media call (basically they perform in costume for the press) and these are generally clear.

Here’s an example (there are some from the media call in Manila too I believe).

Pink goes good with Green {x}

see how bright we shine!

Wicked Challenge: Five Elphaba’s

Jemma Rix